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When you need a Chicago Private Investigator or a Chicagoland Private Detective for Criminal Defense, background checks, child custody issues, litigation, death claims, or theft investigations, Confidential Investigations should be your choice.

We are professional private investigators with vast investigative experience in the private and public sectors. With over 30 years of investigative experience and continuous study and affiliations with professional associations, our group is uniquely qualified to meet your needs. We are in the business of providing information and searching for the truth.

Our group has developed multiple sources of information to serve your needs both domestically and internationally. We have worked with major medical centers, law firms, legal clinics and private corporations and associations. You can be assured of a professional, legal, and ethical investigation that will be held in the strictest of confidence. Our reports will be comprehensive and timely.

Our initial consultations are without cost to you.

We Can Help You

John A. Laskey
IL Lic #115.001831